Since ages, the Sea is protagonist of Bellaria Igea Marina's history.
Nowadays, the taste of the ancient traditions of a fishing town meets harmoniously with the new resources that the city offers to its guests from season to season.

A Service and an Organization known worldwide. Shallow and safe waters. These are the high quality facilities of our beaches. They are an ideal place either for family holidays, children, young and less young people!!
Sunbathing for the unfailing tan or swimming in the sea for a refreshing moment, you will have the chance to experience interesting encounters!
Clean sand, colourful beach-umbrellas, sun-beds, pedalos, children games, perfectly equipped bars for the most pleasant holiday on the Riviera.
Moreover, there are even initiatives of beach-sports with volleyball and bowls tournaments and, during the morning, gym with music either on the shore or in the sea-waters!

To live your holidays on the seaside - nearby other seaside resorts and characteristic hilly villages - means to enjoy a range of advantages which can make your stay more pleasant. Not to mention the pleasure of giving yourselves up to the history which lives in the monuments, architectures and art pieces of the area. You can even have the chance to take part to the many shows and performances offered in our theatres, squares and streets. Furthermore, you can enjoy yourselves either by taking a look at the shops, boutiques and markets while taking a relaxing walk in the area or by letting yourselves to the temptation of some (...either useful or futile!) buy!